Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Facebook Censorship

Via  Jake


 America First

Action Alert! 

The FB war on the pro-Trump Jews has begun. Our RAAJ group is gone! The Patriotic Jewish Republicans group is gone! Three weeks before the election we experience a totalitarian state dictatorship. We are double minority. We are a minority as Jews and we are a minority as pro-Trump groups.

And yet they are afraid of the truth that we speak. This is just a beginning.

Alert all your friends. Post this in all your groups. Without First Amendment we are nothing. Call the White House, call all your representatives. Remember the iconic Holocaust passage about being silent when they came for others? If you don’t fight this, you’ll be next!


  1. Why is any adult still on facebook? You think I care about that? The first amendment protects us from GOVERNMENT. Calling your GOVERNMENT representatives, White House, and congress about making facebook be nice to you is exactly the opposite of freedom and constitutionally protected speech.

    1. True but they wouldn't do it if they didn't think it will hurt the election.

  2. Facsistbook is privately owned, and can block whomever they want. I got out of that garbage a year ago and never looked back. Don't whine to the government about the first amendment, it doesn't apply to garbage social media. Instead, close all your accounts and move on.