Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Lynch Mountain Stone Altar, Stone Circles and Royal Tombs

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 Lynch Mountain is either a collapsed volcanic crater or the site of a major meteor impact in the northeastern corner of White County, Georgia. It is located due east of the village of Sautee and south of the Sautee Creek Valley. The mountain is
1.45 mi (2.34 km) in diameter, while the crater is 3,117.12 ft (950.10 m) in diameter. All the rocks in the mountain are volcanic, mostly rhyolite, which are associated with a massive caldera that covered this section of Georgia about 160 million years ago. The crater is much younger than that, however. The north side of the mountain is a steep, vertical cliff, where Native Americans enlarged openings in volcanic vents to create burial tombs for the nobility of their communities.

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