Sunday, February 28, 2021

Do You Want To See Where This Is Going If It’s Not Stopped? Employees Chase Down & Assault Customer Without A Mask…

Via David 


On Friday, I had played a video of a man in Canada who refused to wear a mask and was assaulted and tackled by 4 employees of the tire store he was patronizing (Matthew 24:12).

Disturbing video out of Canada shows a group of masked tire shop employees chasing, assaulting, and tackling a customer without a mask, in the latest example of COVID mask hysteria.

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  1. So much for that famous Canadian politeness. Does he have to wear a yellow M the rest of his life?

  2. Very brutal which comes from mass delusional psychosis. Some of the
    hunger games crew didn't even have masks on. So many attacking one
    guy who was physically failing from the exertion.

  3. It's Canada. So the assaulters probably felt pretty confident that the assaultee wasn't armed. Try that in a lot of places in America and you stand a good chance at getting ventilated.

  4. Mob mentality.
    Castrated, neutered, males can only attack a single man showing his face.
    They won't take action against those who stripped away their human rights.
    And people watch and film the man being assaulted, won't step in to help him.

  5. The a-holes had him in a choke hold.

  6. So much for keeping a distance... Yet again, masks are a silver bullet that takes the place of any other protective measures...