Sunday, February 28, 2021

The First Settlers to the New World Were European Solutreans

 Via Paul

Windover is an Early Archaic (6000 to 5000 BC) site in Florida where archaeologists in 1984 discovered the skeletal remains of 168 Caucasian people buried in peat at the bottom of a pond. Researchers were able to recover remarkably well-preserved brain tissue from many of the skulls and sequence the DNA. The results revealed the haplogroup X2a, which is of European origin.

Note on historical falsification: The Wikipedia page on this topic is falsified. A PBS “Nova” special on the Windover Pond states that the DNA in the skulls is European. Videos on the Windover site, produced by the Central Florida Museum and South Carolina Public Television, both state that the DNA is European. And the video produced by the supervising archaeologists at Windover Pond states that the DNA is European.

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  1. Wait, so you are saying that the Manifest Destiny was just taking back what was originally ours?? No more white guilt!

  2. re:

    I value that collection of gossip/rumors about as much as rap 'music'.

  3. I did some research on this awhile back. Whenever a body was found in
    a cave or a bog, the Indians would not let the DNA be drawn stating
    it had something to do with the spirit in the body, or something like
    that. The Indians assumed the body was an Indian and that was the
    end of that. But, that was just an assumption and not fact. No
    telling how many bodies were misidentified.

  4. The evidence is there in the DNA and in artifacts such as the Clovis points. In the 1980's open minded Archaeologist began to see the technological similarities of points found in the present day United States to those found in Europe in the same time strata (what is now modern day France and Spain). There isn't any doubt that Mongoloid peoples crossed over the land bridge from Asia to North America. The early writings of European explorers noted the physical differences in the Asiatic features of the native peoples in the northwestern regions of what is today the U.S. just as they noted the physical differences in the "natives" of what is now the eastern United States (tall, slender, "blue-eyed" tribal members such as the Alabamos and Mandans, etc.). I believe most of us will live to see these theories verified with physical evidence in our lifetimes.
    Check out this informative video.

    1. Thanks and I'll view it.
      the land bridge from Asia to North America

      Reminds me of my Carolina Dog who still live in the wild today. The link below is long but I believe you would enjoy at least some of it.

      The Carolina Dog, oldest breed in North America today, originated more than 10,000 years ago in East Asia
      8.000 years ago when the primitive Paleolithic men reached America through the Bearing Strait crossing. Their pariah dogs accompanied them at this long and perilous journey that led them through West America all the way down to the Southeast of the continent.

  5. We actually had a Caolrolina Dog in California. Smartest dog we've had so far.

    1. What happened to it and where did you live there?

      Reminds me of my Carolina Dog who still live in the wild today.

      No mine doesn't live in the wild:( but his grandfather did who was a Grand Champion
      There are wild Carolina dogs who still live in the coastal areas of Southern NC, SC and northern GA.