Sunday, April 11, 2021

The History Of Slavery Scholars Don’t Want You To Know

But what’s misleading is when we’re made to believe that slavery is solely “the sin of the white man.”

Often enough, contemporary academics and scholars try to hide the full picture of what slavery really was so they can manipulate public opinion into believing a certain set of narratives concerning “racial justice.”

Here are some facts you’re rarely told about the history of slavery.

The Origins of the Word Slave 

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  1. Here's a really good synopsis on Slavery from a Christian white female red head:

    1. Thanks.

  2. Given that Biden’s UN Ambassador literally called Derek Chauvin a white supremacist at the United Nations, and America a nation of racists, how can the former police officer ever hope to get a fair trial? Is this the person we want representing our nation to the world? There are still 47 MILLION slaves in Africa, people of color enslaved by other people of color. Contrary to her BS, America is the most free country in the world and has FREED more slaves than any other nation! If she hates America so much, she should move!
    Get that - 47 million slaves in Africa. Instead of hanging
    around America, why don't they go over there and scream RACIST.