Monday, May 17, 2021

Silence is Consent

The Four Boxes of Liberty : Libertarian

Back in those horrible days when the State of Florida's Education establishment was attempting to
educate me . I was sent to a lovely lady to teach me French. They said it would make me a more
rounded person. In this class after teaching me to sit still, and listen they wrote upon the Chalk board
the following words:

le silence est un consentement.

I dutifully wrote these words into my notebook with careful attention, and dread. We then spent days
learning to say them with correct inference, and lip position. Then that lovely lady looked me in the
eye, and smiling over her fantastic cleavage , and asked me what it meant in English. I shrugged and

She exploded in a torrent of non-English words that I took to mean I was not all there.
That evening I wrote 100 times that “le silence est un consentement” means silence is consent. The
next day when I was called upon again to speak correctly the term, and then translate I responded with


In twenty minutes I was on my way to the office with a card bearing the words

"Next try elsewhere!

However it seems that this exact phrase in one of our most important lessons to learn if this nation is to
continue as a bastion of freedom.

Back a few years a lady with a Latin derived name visited us at the NC PATCON at Dixieland. In her
desertion she explained to us that what we were overcoming was of our own avoidance.

She showed how in 1871 the others, I will label globalist, had switched punctuation in our
Constitution, and given power where they could abuse it. Because we had never really read our
Constitution we just murmured, and went about our personal affairs. Today patriots are gleefully
handing out small cards with the modified Constitution because we silently gave our consent.
In the early days of our Nation the people of western Pennsylvania failed to pay their assigned taxes.

Mainly because in those farther out provinces they bartered every thing with the Whiskey they
manufactured. Our past President, and Father of our Republic, General George Washington took an
army unit there, killed, and wounded many, and burned, and returned to Washington DC with his stolen
goods. We murmured, spoke among ourselves and Silently consented to his violation of our rights and
murder of our fellow citizens.

In early 1900s those elite Congressional representatives made hard drink illegal, in violation of our
Constitution, and we silently sneaked down to a speakeasy to drink illegal liquor.

Now in 2020 our unelected bureaucrats decided we must all wear masks, stand 6 feet apart, not attend
our churches, while opening tattoo parlors and Bars, and now must receive what is correctly labeled
trial vaccines. While we the people silently grumble, a few refuse, and some speak up, but most
consent to the vacating of our rights to life liberty and a pursuit of happiness given to us by our creator.

To quote the great hunchbacked Ring Master of Thunder-dome.

"Ladies and Gentilemen, boys and girls"


We have come to that place in our nations existence where we are not only about to watch our planet do
strange things, but our friends and neighbors are about to look at us,
those crazy conspiracy theorists and racists,

and see not us but the enemies to their wealth, their possessions, and their way of life.
It is time for us to stop giving our silent consent.

In Fayetteville NC, like many cities, our Mayor does ZOOM presentations on You-tube from a seat in
the $51 billion dollar stadium we the taxpayers built, but are forbidden to go to while his city
employees do walks, and runs behind him. Our Police and other city employees park in the $7 Million dollar parking garage while we park on the street blocks away.

We the people stand silent in our consent.

It is time to stop consenting!

It is time to begin to begin to submit recall petitions like confetti in a wind storm.

Probably not though since they will stand behind “Robert’s Rules” and tell us we are out of order
before having an officer lead us from their presence.

No Ballot box + No Jury Box = one Ammo Box

~~Ron Newman


  1. Past time for some Irish Democracy.

  2. The other 'box' is at the lamppost.
    The condemned stand on it, the noose is placed and tightened, then that box gets an abrupt kick.

    Or so I hear...