Friday, September 17, 2021

Guns America: Russian Firm Developing $25,000 Sniper Rifle for Use Beyond Four Miles & Everytown + Come and Take It Banned


Russian long-range rifle specialist Lobaev Arms is announcing that they’ve been contracted to produce a new sniper rifle tasked with being effective well outside of 4 miles, seven kilometers to be exact. The contract is with an unnamed foreign agency, not the Russian military.

The rifle to meet the requirements is the Lobaev DXL-5 Havok, chambered for .50 BMG. While 7,655 yards is a stretch even for the renowned long-reaching cartridge, Lobaev says they have special ammunition in development as well.

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  1. I'm guessing this would be for hitting vital equipment, rather than personnel. The optic for aiming at a target that far must be something special as well.

    1. I'm also guessing it would be used well inside that 7 mile max distance. Nice flat shooter out to 3 miles maybe?? Agreed on the scope for sure.

    2. vital equipment, rather than personnel.

      Makes sense as how in the world do you target a man at that range as just seeing him would be a major problem?