Friday, September 17, 2021

(Video)Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Says ‘Illegals’ Will Have Millions Of Children ‘Who Are Gonna Take Our Education, Our Health Care’

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From left: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Gov. Greg Abbott gave updates on their plan for Texas to build its own border wall at a …

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R-TX) claimed that migrants coming in from the southern border are being used to start a “silent revolution by the Democrat party to take over the country.”

Speaking with Laura Ingraham on Fox News Thursday night, Patrick told the Fox News host that Friday is Constitution Day before citing Article IV, Section 4 of the document, known as the Guarantee Clause. It says the federal government guarantees each state a republican (yes, that’s a small r) form of government, as well as protection against invasion.

Patrick paraphrased the clause, and seized upon the “invasion” part:

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  1. could abbott kick them all out of texas? or make it so unpleasant here that they would beg to be moved to another state?

    1. I'm sure he would like to do so, but he'll have to put a wet finger in the wind, first:)

  2. This is the last damn thing our country needed was thousands
    and more thousands to come of beasts. Worst of the worst.
    Patrick is correct and I believe it is an attack on White
    culture to wipe us out. No wonder no White South Africans
    were allowed; they are too productive - competition.
    Another inside job via invasion of savages.

  3. We've got 37,000 Afgan refugees at a military base in Indianna that are going to be distributed throughout the US also.

  4. That ship has sailed Lt. Dan. Our edumacation system and health care got hijacked some time ago. Guess what the monkey said when he got his tail cut off.

  5. There seems to be some confusion on who controls immigration
    into their state - states rights or fed gov. These damn
    traitor judges always side with the fed gov like they did
    with the destruction of Confederate Monuments. During the
    founding of the US, people voted to have a fed gov. Now is
    the time to get rid of it. Every time Abbott enforces a law
    to protect Texas from illegal immigration, the fed gov sticks its nose into it.
    The judge’s order halts the implementation of Abbott’s executive order that he introduced last week, which allowed for state troopers to stop any vehicle suspected of transporting illegal immigrants.

    Their argument is that immigration is the province of the federal government, but in fact their goal is wiping out Whites and any handy argument will do. They’d be happy to argue the opposite principle if it would bring in more 85-IQ Brown/black replacements.
    The original 13th Amendment gave the authority to the states -
    the states trump the fed gov. No wonder it was hidden away.

    1. Now is the time to get rid of it.

      the states trump the fed gov.


  6. Texas needs to declare war on the Feds. Call out the entire National Guard and shut down the border. Period. Sue the Fed for all expenses. Pelosi has 5 trillion for bs, they can fork over damages. Biden regime is destroying this country.

  7. That ship sailed in 1965.

    #whitegenocide #whitelivesmatter

    If you haven't seen it yet, this post from Daniel Greenfield is spot-on:


    1. Thanks and that was 9 years ago!