Friday, September 17, 2021

Trump, Joining Others, Issues Statement on Upcoming Jan.6 Rally: ‘That’s a Setup’

Trump Issues Statement on Upcoming Jan.6 Rally: ‘That’s a Setup’

Law enforcement officials have once again put up the fence around the Capitol building, this time ahead of the “Justice for J6” rally Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C, which some officials worry could create an opportunity for violence.

The event is scheduled to last little more than an hour, and the organizer, Matt Braynard, hopes it will bring attention to those who have been jailed on suspicion of participating in the riot, but not of engaging in violence. It’s unclear how many people will attend, but Braynard has publicly warned that anyone intent on committing violence should stay away.

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Why does Jan. 6th bother the Left so much? Because you on the RIGHT could have invaded the Capital and shot every democrat bureaucrat in sight and started a Putsch - a Revolution against the Deep State and WON by simply being united with Vision. It horrifies the Left that they are that weak.

All it takes is a realistic plan, vision, teamwork. You have the guns and ammunition to mow them down. That`s why they put up that fence around the capital so fast. But that doesn't stand against a Caterpillar tractor.

Just keeping score.