Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Patrick Henry: The Real Indispensable Man


After finishing a biography titled, Patrick Henry: Champion of Liberty, by John Kukla, I am convinced that Mr. Henry, Colonel Henry, nay, Governor Henry is the real father of our country instead of the beloved General, President George Washington. As I become more familiar with the particular history of Old Dominion and her role and that of her leading citizens in the first war for independence, it seems that Patrick Henry was the actual indispensable man. It was his writings that first dared name the final object while others were still calling it treason. It was his resolutions that prepared Virginia to become economically independent and arm herself when England’s aggression first became apparent. It was his conviction and energy that moved the goal of independence forward among a people whose timidity and lack of vision made them reluctant to pursue it. (Sounds like us today)

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  1. We don't lack vision. We just haven't been pushed over the edge yet. The elites fear to push us as far as they pushed Australia because we are armed. They see us as frogs in a pot of near-simmering water, but we are wolves about 2 steps from being cornered and therefore forced to lash out. Had 45 been what he claimed, we would have had a charismatic leader who could have, and should have, exempted us from the consequences holding us back. But since he didn't, it'll be a disorganized mess. He could have prevented, and had an obligation to prevent, much bloodshed. But he's secretly on team One World Gov.

  2. If we don't find this generation's indispensable men, we'll end up with Sulla instead.

  3. I think I am pretty darn indispensable..