Friday, November 26, 2021

Black Friday Specials - Cheap Ammo

 Via Jack

Remington - Full Metal Jacket - 115 Grain 9mm Luger Ammo - 500 Rounds

The 9mm Luger/9x19 Parabellum is one of the most popular handgun cartridges in the US thanks to the rise of concealed carry. Pistols chambered in this caliber can be both compact and controllable, resulting in a discreet carry piece that can be relied upon in a self-defense emergency. 9mm Parabellum ammo offers an excellent balance of low recoil, good terminal performance, and high magazine capacity; in addition, due to its popularity, it is one of the most affordable calibers to shoot when it comes to ammo cost, especially if you buy in bulk.

Introduced in 1902 in Germany, the 9mm Luger is actually much older than many of the calibers it has supplanted in the defensive market. It was first used as a military round in the P08 and P38 pistols. The "nine mil" got its big break in the US in the 1980s, riding the semiautomatic pistol boom all the way to the present day.

Typical 9mm Luger ammo fires 115, 124, and 147 grain bullets with muzzle velocities of around 1,000-1,200 feet per second. For those looking to increase the power of their handgun without changing cartridges, +P loads are a good choice. The 9mm is not often used for sporting or hunting purposes, so most available ammo tends to be of the inexpensive FMJ (full metal jacket) training or JHP (jacketed hollow point) defensive varieties.

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  1. Wow! Get it while it's hot!
    I checked all of my calibers, all revolver, and they have zero of any in stock. Looks like the factories are concentrating on semi-auto calibers in an effort to return to normalcy.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Brock!

    1. The same to you and which ones were you looking for? I see .45 at a glance or do you mean just those for sale?

    2. You saw .45 long colt? Must have sold out before I got there.

    3. I didn't see any .357 Mag, .41 Mag or .45 Colt. Did see Remington .38 Special at a pretty fair price.
      I didn't really expect to see any of the first three calibers. They've been scarce for a long time now.

      No problem, I have plenty and couldn't buy it if I wanted to, being behind the California Curtain. I just look forward to better availability for those that need it.

    4. You saw .45 long colt

      No, just ACP

  2. Thank you sooo much for this link. Topping off for more practice rnds. Thanks again, Brock. Ohio Guy

  3. Yep, feed a Browning Hi-Power a steady diet of +P ammo and you will have a paperweight.

  4. H-m-m-m... Cheap ammo has Federal 9mm 115 grain $32.00 per box of 50.
    You can buy the same thing straight from the factory for $28.99 and get free shipping on orders over $149.