Friday, November 26, 2021

I Want to Walk Those Hills Once More

May be an image of tree, nature and text that says 'I Want to Walk Those Hills Once More'

Once more I want to walk the hills,
To take a stroll among the trees,
To walk along a downhill stream,
And feel that cool, fresh mountain breeze.
I want to wake with morning sun,
And smell that bacon in the pan,
To hear my Mama call my name,
Then fill my day with childhood plans.
I want to sit on Granny’s porch,
And swing in her old wooden swing,
To watch the traffic going by,
Then hear my Granny as she’d sing.
I want to sit once more in church,
And hear that mountain preacher speak,
To have old men to pat my head,
And have old women pinch my cheek.
I want to skip stones on the creek,
And go to that old country store,
Watch old men at the checkerboard,
I want to walk those hills once more.
Alas, that time and age is gone,
I know that it will never be,
Perhaps, on that far, distant shore,
I guess I’ll have to wait and see.
I know I’ll see my Mama there,
And things, will be, as was before,
Yes, I will have to wait and see,
I want to walk those hills once more.

~~ Ron Bliss


  1. Now why can't I write shit like this?


    When I was younger and only a boy,
    I knew not the causes of strife.
    Many the sins that I used to enjoy
    I wish now were part of my life.

    I was discovering ecstasy then
    Becoming aware of my need.
    Hopefully wanting to feel that again
    Aware now I'm going to seed.

    Have I regret of these sins so sublime
    That I can perform them no more.
    Since I enjoyed them so much in my prime,
    I wish I had tried them before.

    Numbers of things that I once used to do
    That gave me a pleasuring then.
    None of these lately I hardly do rue;
    I'd so like to do them again.

    Dream as I must of the days long gone by,
    A welter of lust and bright fire.
    Loves I relinquished no longer bide nigh
    Inflaming my heart's own desire.

    Now I no longer can play as I did;
    My interest has started to wane
    Memories taunting me, can I be rid
    Of fears that will just cause me pain.

    Dread of the impotent; powerless now;
    I'm sure I'll be stronger again.
    Come the near future my head shall not bow
    To worries that plague all good men.

    Death in itself does not everyman cow
    Though some are much stronger than I.
    Passionless pasttimes I cannot allow,
    If only my heart would comply.

    Do we remember our lives as we lay,
    With memories deep under ground?
    Ashes to ashes and flesh unto clay,
    Our sins are now lost and unbound.

    Philipus Aureolus Theophratus Paracelsus Gerhardt von Hohenheim
    1 Nov 96

  3. Iris Dement "These Hills"