Friday, April 29, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: David Lara Explains The “Playbook” of Ballot Traffickers In Arizona After Discovering Ballot Mules In San Luis, AZ


The Gateway Pundit recently spoke to David Lara, an Arizona citizen who discovered a ballot trafficking “cartel” in his local community of San Luis.

We previously reported that the Arizona Attorney General received this evidence before the 2020 General Election, but he did nothing about it. RINO Mark Brnovich waited until now to investigate the stolen 2020 Election.

More @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. Mr. Townsend, we are praying blessings for you. Hoping you are having a rest and still mending well.

    God bless you overflowingly.

    Miss Emma

  2. Mr. Brock, praying for your continued recovery.

  3. It’s really funny that all of the left wing YouTube sites are trying to claim the documentary is disinformation. Hence the Ministry of Truth! I now believe that this Ministry is a Stalinist tactic to silence any who shine the light on truth and fact! The American people and Trump didn’t realize that the levels of corruption extended so deep within the Republican Party. The only way forward is same day voting with paper ballots!

  4. You can watch 2000 Mules (full movie) free here:

  5. Watched it yesterday evening. What a mind blower! We knew that there was election fraud, but, the extent of it! Hope you are doing well, Brock, and my prayers are with you.

    1. Hi Brock, haven't heard from you in a few days. Hope you are well. Praying that you are. If you are not able to post a reply, perhaps one of your family members can let your followers know how you're doing? Stay strong. John in NC

  6. Brock, all of us fans are pulling for you, and hope to hear from you again real soon!

    I watched that movie last night, and while the facts have been gathered and posted, the sad truth is that our own beloved United States of America is lost, for our government is so corrupt, and the population so immoral, that no one who is involved in this massive fraud will ever be
    held responsible or prosecuted.