Friday, January 13, 2012

'He just kept screaming 'Mommy, I don’t want you to die’'

Via Occidental Dissent

A woman said she stepped in to help de-escalate an argument on a TriMet bus when she was physically attacked herself.

Natasha Van Wormer was riding the bus through Southeast Portland on Thursday afternoon when she said a woman and her daughter tried to get on near 122nd and Division Street.

She said the two were arguing with the bus driver because the driver said they didn’t have the proper transfer. They refused to get off the bus and continued yelling.

When another passenger tried to help the bus driver, Van Wormer said the mother and daughter got up in his face and kept yelling.

Van Wormer was with her five-year-old son and saw he was getting scared, so she decided to step in and help break things up.

“So I stood up and was like ‘you know this doesn’t have to happen, you don’t have to keep yelling. Just calm down, go to the front of the bus like you were told and just listen. ’ (The daughter) came and got in my face,” she told KATU News. Listen to the emtional interview with Van Wormer

While the daughter was yelling, the mother came over and put her arm on Van Warmer’s throat, she said. In the scuffle that followed, Van Wormer lost a fingernail and suffered bruises on her arms, face and head.


  1. WOW..he has other links to more violence on public transportation.. what a mess.

    I vow NEVER to use any transportation like that.

    Disgusting animals...