Friday, February 10, 2012

If You See Something, Film Something (Recording The Police is a Dangerous but Necessary Thing to Do)


Via Injustice Everywhere


  1. I actually had to stop watching that before I had a melt down.

    And they wonder why more and more people don't trust them and want to film them.

  2. They really are "The Largest Street Gang In America" (link pops)

    If you watch nothing else, you really MUST jump to 16:35 and watch the segment on Fouad Kady. I recommend you eat before watching, as you're not likely to have much of an appetite after, but it really is perhaps *THE* most important video segment I've ever seen. IT'S IMPORTANT to watch it all the way to the end of that segment, and pay attention. Un-fricking-believable.

    As to THIS vid, I found myself thinking what I've been thinking ever more often of late: While I wouldn't harm anyone, I wouldn't cry if I saw one (or ALL){ of them get shot in the face. I'm increasingly surprised there aren't more folks setting off on pig*-hunting expeditions...

    When will We The People have had enough?

    God help us - and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!


    * Peace Officers ain't Pigs. If you don't know the difference, you're probably (like all the oinkers in this video) a PIG!

  3. I remember that, but think I'll refresh my memory.

  4. Oh Jeebus. That's just wrong. You wait, it won't be long before the citizens start fighting back and just go preemptive, not bothering for the abuse to even start. And the cops are gonna act like they're surprised.

  5. I should also point out that this is nothing new.
    What's NEW is (1) how RAMPANT it is (fed by all the "WAR ON..." BS - and (2) How much more AWARE we all are since everyone began carrying a camera and the Internet made it simple and free to share...

    Pigs however have ALWAYS been pigs.

    I was a "long hair" in the early '80s and suffered far more than my fair share of attention from the more "Buford T. Pusser" types. The worst (by FAR) was in a town in OK where - due to a case of mistaken identity - they thought I was a serial rapist they'd been seeking for a while.

    I spent a total of ~6 weeks in their jail - 2 weeks the first time and nearly a month the second - so the bruises could heal before they put me in front of a judge... As I'd only gotten there the night before, and thus COULDN'T be who they were seeking, those charges were dismissed...

    Thanks to an astute "Public Defender" the 'assaulting an officer" charges they trumped up for round 2 got dismissed as well... HEck, they even bought me a Greyhound ride home on the condition that I'd get out of and never return to their county...

    I've had no desire to ever violate that promise... but I DID eventually figure out that cutting my hair and driving a respectable-looking vehicle made it a lot less likely that I'd be yanked out of the car by my hair and slammed into the most available solid object face-first...

    These experiences have also taught me that 99% of the "driving while black" claims are not correct - it's more "driving while looking like one of the pig's stereotypes... Smart folk learn how to not DO that, and the problem goes away...

    Still don't make it RIGHT, either...

    Pigs have been pigs for a long time - but I still believe there's a much larger Pig-to-Peace-Officer ratio today than in the past...

    OTOH, all the vids and lying pigs have put a (LONG OVERDUE!) dent in the "cops never lie" paradigm that's doomed way too many innocent men to prison...

    I keep hoping that We The People have had about enough...


    PS: Peace Officers ain't pigs, and if you don't know the difference then all I can say (that you MIGHT understand) is "Oink-oink, m*therf***er!"

  6. there's a much larger Pig-to-Peace-Officer ratio today than in the past...


  7. I have advocated, for a long time, that if you see thuggery occurring.....intervene, immediately.

    It does not matter if the thug(s) is/are mugger/purse snatcher, or a gang in blue. Use whatever force is necessary, but stop the abuse.


  8. And you see people at least verbally intervening, but the cops turn on them like they are the criminal.