Friday, February 10, 2012

Let Them Not Lay Down

The cause of liberty is not just the desire for freedom, or lack of government control. You probably know the phraseology, don't you? "people who desire no form of government at all." Or, some such nonsense attributed to anyone engaged in prosecuting their rights. They are classified as near as possible as nut-job anarchists. "Why, they would do away with Social Security and the safety net for the poor."

Yes, yes, we have heard all of that before from the elitists who think that if the people were given liberty that there would be no way to achieve the same ends. It takes a government to force people into kindness, social awareness and generosity.

1 comment:

  1. Now that Obama has made his "concession" stating the religious institution does not have to pay their insurance company will have to provide the service free of charge lets wait and see which way the pastors go. Already the blue dog democrats have rolled over and jumped on the bus. If the pastors do the same then this part of the fight is over.

    Forget that nothing is free so if the insurance company is required to cover it "free" then the policy holder or more likely every policy holder will pay for it. Heck my car insurance in MI at the time was effected by all the vehicles damaged in Katrina. Beyond that issue and this is really not about birth control either or women's choice. It is about loss of freedom and the right of government to once again intrude even farther into every person's daily life and choices. Just what can they not mandate???