Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eisenhower Grandkid Rips 'Commie' Monument

The granddaughter of President Dwight Eisenhower is seeing red over a Washington proposal by renowned architect Frank Gehry to honor the late commander in chief. Susan Eisenhower testified before a congressional subcommittee that large metal tapestries depicting the 34th president's home reminded her of Communist-era monuments that honored "Marx, Engels, and Lenin." She also compared columns that would support the tapestries to "missile silos," and then mentioned Mao, Ho Chi Minh—and also Hitler, because the scrims remind her of fences at Nazi death camps.

The battle represents a long-simmering tug-of-war between modernists and those who support classical traditions, particularly in the nation's capital. Eisenhower, who represents the family, told the Eisenhower Memorial Commission to go back to the drawing board and start over, reports the Washington Post. “We now believe that a redesign is the only way to make this memorial acceptable to the American people,” she said.

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