Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Executive Orders and Voting: Ron Paul Can’t Save Us, Nothing Can

Since 1789 United States Presidents have issued executive orders. And while there is no direct constitutional grant of “executive” power it has been accepted as a fact of office since 1789. In many recent cases executive orders have been issued at the behest or with the support of various major law enforcement agencies. The recent executive order causing a bump in the road to a full dictatorship was signed into law by Obama and will be found to have been the brainchild of the legal team from the Department of Homeland Security. The same goons that brought us pedophilia and pornographic materials courtesy of the scanners and our very own federally paid, ensured and certified band of molesting badges of the TSA.

Sure executive order 13575 seems evil but in reality it is nothing more than yet another shovel of dirt onto the coffin that was nailed shut and put in the ground many years ago. The coffin that represents the United States was originally built upon the ratification of the Hamiltonian Constitution in 1791. The final nail was placed in the lid and it was laid to rest upon the declaration of war by Abraham Lincoln in 1861. Dirt has been placed one shovel full at a time into the grave until this point from that time. Thankfully, it is almost over, the corpse is rotting; the grave is complete all that remains is the placement of the headstone. “Here lies the rotting corpse of the Imperial United States”

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  1. Think about it, he has laid the framework for a dictator for life come the next election cycle. Militarized police, check; Fema camps, check; Martial law, check: NDAA, check. Add to this with all the ammo that is being diverted to the government and we are seeing the big picture forming.

  2. Many conservatives said the same thing about Clinton as he neared the end of his second term. Will he turn over the reins? We don't think so! Oh, no!

    This latest executive order is no beacon of freedom, clearly, but it's based on Truman's Defense Production Act of 1950, which every or virtually every (I don't have my research notes in front of me at the moment) President since then has built on, through (you guessed it!) executive order. W. issued *two* EOs based on it (the DPA of 1950)!

    Conservatives have to stop portraying (and seeing) Obama as Evil Incarnate, and realize that he's the latest (and logical) progression of power-grabbing that's been going on . . . well, I'm not sure I'd date it to the Constitution, as ZeroGov does, but certainly since C.J. Marshall. The pace picked up exponentially with Lincoln, and again with FDR, and it has just continued to accelerate since 1945. And Republican Presidents, if they have done anything positive, have just slowed the *rate* of increase a little. None of them, Rs included, has stopped, much less reversed, the increase.

    When we villify Obama unduly, we lose all historical perspective, thus shooting ourselves in the foot (feet?).

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    2. ~EDIT~
      I am not a conservative, more of a constitutionalist. Obama has done more in 3 years to damage to America than any other President. The NDAA that was passed effectively neutralized the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment. Now lets add the massive debt he has racked up for the generations to come. Pushing billions of dollars to overseas, bailing out private industry, mandated healthcare, Fast and Furious, and bailing out homeowners who could not manage their loans. Yeah, pretty much evil incarnate, or the most irresponsible person on Earth. I have my doubts to whether he is really an US citizen as well.

    3. I have my doubts to whether he is really an US citizen as well.

      I don't have a doubt in the world that he is ineligible to be POTUS.

  3. I start with the Tyrant. Did you see this?