Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coming soon?

They'll shoot us here, though the response won't be with boards.


  1. A narrative of what is happening would be nice for those who can't read Cryllic...

  2. The Goggle translation is so bad, I can't make much sense of it. Maybe try another one.

  3. From what I could make out, I THINK those tearing down the fence were enviro-wackos objecting to a forest being cleared for development.

    The uniformed-types were cops and guards paid to stop the tree-huggers from destroying equipment and materiel.

    One might note that - as usual - russian cops don't think twice about kicking the $#!+ out of anyone who attacks them... I'd bet the guy on the ground by the sign looked worse than ol' Rodney King did after his little piggy-dogpile...

  4. enviro-wackos

    Oh, no, you don't mean they have them in Russia too........?:)