Sunday, April 22, 2012

"If I wanted America to fail"


  1. DAMN, That's POWERFUL!

    I'm not nearly so eloquent, but I've been saying it for YEARS: if they were TRYING - DELIBERATELY - to bring us to our knees, WHAT WOULD THEY DO DIFFERENTLY?!

    He left out a few, though:

    "...I'd encourage half the population to be dependent on the other half, and teach them to hate their benefactors for being successful while accusing the successful - the ones carrying *ALL* the load - of 'not paying their fair share'..."

    "...I'd give control of our Currency to a group of private bankers and make them accountable to nobody but themselves. I'd let them speak new Currency into existence like magic, then force our Citizens to pay them interest on this imaginary money when we in Government give it away all over the world..."

    "...I'd turn our schools into nothing more than indoctrination centers teaching immorality and glorifying the worst political system ever invented - which has failed everywhere that's tried it and killed millions in the process. I'd tell them they have to sacrifice their rights in order to save them, and turn The Land of the Free into a banana-republic police state where some people can steal billions from widows and orphans and walk away free but others go to prison for years and have their lives utterly ruined for possessing the wrong sort of vegetable-matter..."

    "...I'd waste trillions of dollars by handing it over to my political-cronies, all of it borrowed from our biggest enemy, and I'd keep doing it until there was no possible way it could ever be paid back - and I'd ensure that by the time they quit loaning to us half the population would be so dependent on these so-called "entitlements" that they're sure to destroy and burn whatever remained of what was once the greatest Republic in the history of our world..."

    I could go on, and on, and on....

  2. The American public on the whole part is dense, no ifs, ands or buts about it.