Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stoking the flames


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The above screen grab of the CNN news homepage (US edition) was taken this morning.  It is becoming clear that CNN, together with other US media organisations are determined to cause racial conflict in America, maybe even a race war.  Why else, in the middle of all the hype about the Treyvon Martin shooting would they choose to give the greatest prominence on their NEWS website to an 80 year old story about lynchings in pre-world war II America?
I can only assume that they believe that racial conflict will encourage African Americans to vote for a black presidential candidate in November (Or should that be a white black president given the manner in which ethnicity of the man accused of shooting Martin is now described) and that evoking images of long dead white racists, will shame whites into doing so too.
Given that the world has never yet seen a liberal fantasy turn out as it was supposed to, I suspect that once the monster they are goading is released from its cage, they will find it is impossible to get back under control.


  1. Nothing better than a race war to distract the populace from the underhanded dealings in DC...

  2. They should have started sooner. They'll have to re-write their Marxism handbook for later generations of Collectivists.

  3. Meh...

    Might as well get THAT over with too...

    I know a lot of crack shots - but none of them hold they glock foh-tay sideways like crack DEALERS.

    I say BRING IT!

    Any time you boys are feelin' froggy, you just go right ahead and JUMP!

  4. none of them hold they glock foh-tay sideways like crack DEALERS.

    Precisely. I saw one picture of it upside down!:)

  5. Just read the article @ CNN.

    Good G*d - the guy's worse than a black klansman!

    He claims 5000 lynchings ("an ESTIMATED 5,000" - and all of blacks, natch) between 1880 and 1940.

    5,000 in 60 years? 5-6 a month?


    Whites got lynched too, and blacks kill more of each other in a MONTH than the Klan did in a CENTURY.

    Oops - now I've gone and "outed" my sick, racist self...

  6. BULL$#!+.


    27.4% Of Lynchings Were White