Sunday, April 22, 2012

Obama's Student Loan Proposal Rejected by the Youth


  1. Yes, Sir. I'll have to get Dixie to make one.:)

  2. She could be my daughter.

    Seriously - put her with mine and everyone would think they were sisters.

    What a beautiful, eloquent and intelligent young woman!

    I knew & commented on YT: "...definite product of a good family and private or home school..."

    Found on her website that it's home school, plus what I should have also recognized: a strong Christian faith.

    I started to say "This is going to be a VERY formidable woman someday!" but realized that was both stupid and WRONG.

    She is ALREADY a formidable young woman...!

    VERY impressive!!

  3. She is ALREADY a formidable young woman...!