Friday, May 11, 2012

Backlash to Anti-Dixie Hysteria

Via Rebellion

The school superintendent has submitted his resignation which may (or may not) be related to multiple scandals surrounding the school, and this one may (or may not) be included in that list. The exact reasons for the superintendent's resignation have been kept confidential. However, the most interesting aspect of this whole case is the outpouring of support Mr. Collier has received from many of the citisens of Republic Missouri. Ever since the story aired on local news, a number of Dixie flags have been spotted in Republic Missouri.

These are mostly on pickup trucks seen driving around the city. One in particular is driven by a young black gentleman. Parents are now picking up their children from Republic High School in pickup trucks sporting the Dixie flag. The number of Dixie flags flown on flagpoles and on people's houses has increased as well. They can be seen on bumper stickers, license plates, t-shirts and hats all around Republic Missouri. The only place you can't seem to find them is on the shelves of the local Wal Mart, which may change if the demand for them continues to increase. The outpouring of support by fellow Missourians for Mr. Collier is very encouraging and demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt that the heart of Dixie is still alive and well in the Ozark Mountains.


  1. That type of community outpouring of support needs to happen alot more by the people. We see the left get their way thru boycotts and threats. The Right needs to start acting the same way!

    Thats a great story :)

  2. The Right needs to start acting the same way!

    Yes, Sir!