Friday, May 11, 2012

Update #21 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – The Media Retreat No Longer Subtle….

Zimmerman Family

For anyone following this story/legal case you know what the local ground players in/around Orlando have been doing. They have been systematically and methodically distancing themselves from the “George Zimmerman is Racist” narrative. The retreat is now going mainstream. Quickly.

The retreat began with the Media Consultant, Ryan Julison, who sold the initial racist narrative as part of the “media strategy“, his sales pitch, or in pitchman lingo “the hook”. Immediately after following our site and looking at the research Julison took down his company website; then he scrubbed his company facebook page where he was bragging about “working with” the various reporters in framing their story, and sharing the specific stories he worked on with them.

Those stories were filled with false statements about George Zimmerman being a 247lb “white” male. Or, in the New York Times example, he helped create the new ethnicity “White-Hispanic“.

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