Friday, May 11, 2012

Sheriff Joe to Holder: ‘Clean your own house first!’

A defiant Sheriff Joe Arpaio is preparing to tell President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder later today there is “no way” he will turn over the management of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to the Justice Department despite the threat of a federal lawsuit.

“Clean your own house, Eric Holder, before you come trying to clean mine,” Arpaio said today in a telephone interview with WND.

As WND reported, the Justice Department informed Arpaio yesterday it plans to take him to federal court on allegations of systematic violations of the civil rights of Hispanics. Holder has sought an agreement to establish a court monitor in Arpaio’s office to clear his decisions.

Arpaio has scheduled a press conference for 3 p.m. local time today at his office in downtown Phoenix.

‘I won’t surrender’

The sheriff charged that the Obama administration is attacking him in an effort to gain Hispanic votes in November for the Democratic Party.

“This is a coordinated effort directed from the White House to deflect attention from Eric Holder’s failure to cooperate in the congressional investigation into Fast and Furious,” he said.

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  1. Remember the "Cold War"? The Soviets placed a "Political Officer" with each and every military unit, ship, and submarine to assure that everyone followed the party line, that there were no cowards, and that the desired outcome was obtained. These "Political Officers" were some of the most hated people in the Soviet Union. Why doesn't it surprise me that the corrupt obama administration wants to assign "Political Officers" to Sheriff Arpaio? Nothing these ass-clowns do is original.

  2. Excellent point. Right behind the infantry advance and they would shoot anyone who hesitated.