Monday, May 21, 2012

The White House And Media Fail To Spin Away The Truth About Obama's Birth

President Barack Obama has lost legitimacy and universal justice demands that he step down and answer for his crimes against America and humanity.'s release of a 1991 literary biography of President Barack Obama by his literary agent was another nail in the coffin of the legitimacy and credibility of the Obama presidency.

There is concrete evidence that Obama was born in Kenya. The horse's mouth has spoken. Barack Obama's presence in the White House symbolizes the death of America and the American Constitution.

Not everybody in America and the world has been hoodwinked by the Obama administration and the American media. And not every state in the union is willingly surrendering American sovereignty to international private interests and participating in the destruction of the American Constitution. Arizona has made Obama's fraudulent birth certificate a ballot issue.

In a just and honest America, Obama would be kicked out of the White House with his tail between his legs. This little devil has committed crimes against America, and crimes against humanity.

President Obama has created an allure and mystique around his life before politics and consequently contributed to the public controversy about his birthplace. He has made his bed with unstable materials and he will fall on his ass because of it.

As the end of his first term nears, questions about Obama's birthplace have been put to rest. This is no longer a silly controversy or a conspiracy theory that can be laughed away in late show comedy sketches on television. The force of truth is unbreakable and unshakable. The tools of mockery, deflection, and humour are powerless against it.

All sensible, honest, moral, and honourable people recognize that Obama is a fraud and a liar who should be impeached and put away for life. The blind and obedient followers of Obama are hugging onto Obama's legs and screaming like mad: "It's not true! It's not true! My master would never lie to me. You are all paranoid nuts!" Obama's true believers and mindless followers will defend their master unto death.

II. The Media's Role In The Creation And Presentation of An Artificial American President


  1. and no doubt he will serve his second term because bullshit rules the land...

    bye,bye American Pie


  2. Which is more likely to have made a mistake, an unknown publicity writer, or the combination of these facts: (1) It was highly expensive, risky and rare for a woman in late pregnancy to go to Kenya in 1961 (only 63 Americans went to Kenya in fiscal 1961, and only 21 people returned); (2) There is absolutely no proof in Kenya that she was there in 1961 or in US INS files (which by the way would have been in New York and which have not been lost) that she left the USA for Kenya in 1961, or that she returned or that Obama was entered; (3) AND a Hawaii birth certificate, signed by a doctor, confirmed by the officials in Hawaii and by the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers all showing that he was born in Hawaii? Which is more likely?

    Sure, the X%$#@*% publicist got it wrong. That is where the whole Kenya crap started. Sure Obama was lazy enough not to check the publicist's crap--that in itself is good reason to vote against him, if you want to. But the fact that the publicist got it wrong (probably from reading the bio of Obama's father who actually was born in Kenya and had the same name) does not make a fact that Obama was born in Kenya.

  3. "It's not true! It's not true! My master would never lie to me. You are all paranoid nuts!" Obama's true believers and mindless followers will defend their master unto death.



  4. The above two posts are examples of why Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and the National Review all call birthers crazy. There is no proof that Obama's mother traveled outside of the USA in 1961, and it would have been highly unusual for her to do so. There IS proof, a legal birth certificate confirmed repeatedly by officials and further confirmed by the birth notices in the newspapers, that Obama was born in Hawaii.

  5. Anonymous, there are two important issues here beside Obama's eligibility to be president.

    1) We talk about the grueling vetting candidates are given by the press, but this points up how pathetically non-existent the media's vetting of Obama has been. The info Breitbart dug up was readily available on the web in 2007, when Obama declared his candidacy, to anyone doing a cursory look into the new candidate's C.V. This drives another nail in the coffin of media objectivity and professionalism.

    And, given that sad reality, we have to ask: What else don't we know about this guy? As The (U.K.) Telegraph commented in response to Breitbart's story, "If they revealed tomorrow that he'd had his own cross-dressing-themed sitcom on primetime TV in the 1980s, I wouldn’t be surprised."

    This story makes it painfully clear how little we know about the man who is leading our country.

    2) It also makes it clear that the President is a habitual liar. Either he was born in Kenya or he wasn't. If he was, he's lying now. If he wasn't he was lying for the sixteen years (1991-2007) that this was his literary bio blurb. The text was revised at least three times during those years to reflect changes in his life (e.g. his election to the Senate) but the birthplace remained constant--until he announced his run for president. Then it suddenly changed.

    More info on this at:

    The chances that he never once read his bio blurb are slim to none. I can tell you, as a writer and editor, that standard industry practice is often for a writer to write his or her own (in the third person); when an editor or agent writes it, the writer signs off on it.

    So, one way or the other, he has lied about his birthplace for years. If a person can't tell the truth about something as basic as that, what can you trust him to tell the truth about?

    1. If you believe that Obama lies more than Romney, you should vote for Romney--or vice versa, for that matter.

      But the issue of who you believe, and all issues as to the quality of the candidate and his principles are different from the loony theory that Obama was born in Kenya. He wasn't born in Kenya. Sure some people thought that he was born in Kenya, but he wasn't--that is that.

      Re: "The chances that he never once read his bio blurb are slim to none."

      Ah, now it is you who are making the assumption that Obama was smart enough and energetic enough to read his bio. Maybe he wasn't and isn't, and if so you have the right to vote against him because he is lazy and dumb--but that does not mean that he was born in Kenya. Get it?

  6. Interestingly, his publisher isn't the only one confused on the issue. So's Michelle:

    1. The Michelle video says that Kenya was Obama's "home country"or Homeland"--whichever.

      That does not mean a place of birth. It means a place where ancestors came from. Ireland was Kennedy's and Reagan's homeland.

  7. The latest news is that Hawaii has now confirmed Obama’s birth certificate to Arizona, and Arizona has accepted the confirmation.