Monday, June 25, 2012

An Alternative Media Reality in Syria?

In the Humpty-Dumpty world of 21st-century global geopolitics, words mean just what the media and official government press secretaries choose them to mean — neither more nor less. And not just words, but events as well: if the following article from Kopp Online is accurate, both Syrian rebels and cynical Western political leaders have successfully mastered the deceptive media-manipulation techniques pioneered by “Pallywood”.

Note: the journalist quoted in this article was interviewed before the downing of the Turkish jet in Syrian coastal waters — an event that adds another layer of intrigue to what is described below.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

Eyewitness account: Media lies about Syria unveiled in an interview

by Natalia Mihailova

The independent journalist Anhar Kochnewa has been living and working for more than ten years in Syria. According to her descriptions, the situation in Syria is by no means that which the mainstream media depicts in their reports. Kochnewa was born in Russia, and speaks Arabic fluently. Her friends and neighbors are completely normal Syrians. She travels the same streets and districts of Damascus and also goes shopping there like any other of the locals in the Syrian capital. We talked with her not long ago, and also asked her about the reasons for the unrests which have been raging for so long in Syria.

The so-called Demonstrations

Were there any deep reasons for the crisis in Syria?

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