Monday, June 25, 2012

Sovereign States?

III Percent Patriots

Governor Jan Brewer has the opportunity not found in every generation, an opportunity to earn a place in American History aside Founders and Framers.

Is the Governor the highest elected official in a Sovereign State, or not?

Is she willing to risk Federal wrath by ignoring the Court and the Executive?

Is she willing to do the job she was elected to do by the people of Arizona?

Is she willing to put her Guard and Troopers at entry-points to the State and deny access by Feds? Is she willing to shut down Fed offices by posting a Trooper at the door? Is she ready to issue an eviction notice to all FedGov employees?

Is she ready to order illegals marched over her Southern border whence they came?

Is she ready to defend her State?

If so, I'll be there.

If not, you folks in Arizona know you need a new Governor.

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