Monday, June 25, 2012

‘It’s My Gun’: Minn. Man Beaten, Arrested for Reportedly Carrying Handgun… Despite Having Concealed Carry Permit

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Minneapolis Man Zachary King Beaten and Arrested by Police For Carrying a Gun Despite Conceal and Carry Permit

A Minneapolis man says he suffered a concussion after receiving a beating from five police officers who attacked him after they noticed he was carrying a gun in his waist band, WCCO-TV in Minnesota reports.

The problem is, Zachary King has a concealed carry permit to lawfully carry the firearm. He argues police still attacked him anyway as he was leaving a local nightclub on Father’s Day night even after he told them he was carrying the permit.

“’I have my conceal and carry, and it’s my gun.’ And soon as I said that he grabbed me by my neck, slammed me against the wall, snatched my gun out the holster, started waving it in the air saying ‘gun, gun, gun,’” King said.

King also told WCCO he said nothing disrespectful to the officers and made no sudden movements that could have warranted the reaction from police.

“Then four other officers just came and slammed me on my face, one of the officers had me by my head just banging it on the sidewalk,” he said.

The permit was eventually discovered but King was reportedly taken to jail anyway.

WCCO has more on the incident:

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  1. The tragic thing is this reaction by LEO's is almost a given now! Law abiding citizens, lawfully carrying concealed weapons must understand that many in (law enforcement) DO NOT RESPECT your second amendment rights, nor the fact that you choose to exercise them!
    He was within the bounds of the laws of his state, and still beaten to crap by a "cabal" of LEO's bent on intimidating him reconsidering his "right to carry".
    (If we beat him senseless, maybe he'll leave it at home next time).
    Remember with many LEO's it's not about your rights, it's about their mindset (one that "Gabe" pontificated about recently) that they will always win irregardless of their act being right or wrong.

  2. You have no idea how much that kind of thing pisses me off.

  3. they will always win irregardless of their act being right or wrong.

    True, until deadly force is met with such.

    1. When (not if) LEO's continue to treat all citizens as a threat to (insert threat reason here _____ ) and use unnecessary deadly force upon them, then the lawfully armed citizens must act to preserve the lives of their family and themselves. As you stated "until deadly force is met with such", nothing changes and the innocent continue to fill the emergency rooms at the hands of out of control LEO's.