Monday, June 11, 2012

Jury selected in Micheal Lee's murder trial

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It took a week of in-depth questioning but now a jury has been seated; The trial will begin first thing Monday morning.

Friday afternoon, attorneys from both sides gathered in Judge Lockett’s courtroom.

Michael Lee sat in a yellow shirt with his defense attorneys. Kyser Miree's parents also sat in the room. Lee is accused of shooting and killing Kyser Miree in his Midtown home in 2010.

The group is comprised of 12 women and four men. Five of them are black and eleven are white.

They were given instructions, such as avoid all media coverage, don't discuss the case, and don't do any research.

The case starts Monday morning, and is expected to last two weeks. But its been a long time since April 16, 2010.

This story began with a mystery: 23-year-old Chevron Engineer Kyser Miree was found shot in the head in his midtown home, dead.

In 2010, Miree’s father Ben said, “"There's nothing to prepare someone for losing a son and living without him from this point forward."

The case stalled for a couple of months, but police arrested Bo Taylor, Jamal Lang, Earnest Wiggins and Michael Lee.

Authorities say Miree was shot execution-style during a robbery.

Former Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson, Jr. said, "The testimony is he was knocked to the floor. He's on the floor got his hands up and he is begging for his life and they pull the trigger anyway."

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