Monday, June 11, 2012

National Police Misconduct Daily NewsFeed Recap 06-08-12

CATO Institute


Here are the 9 reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, June 8, 2012:

  • A Deerfield, Illinois cop was recently fired and charged with skimming cash from a village commuter lot over several years. From April 2007 through April 2012, the officer took more than $500 and less than $10,000

  • An Indianapolis, Indiana police officer accused of robbing a total of $2,700 from two motorists will go to trial. The officer faces 10 charges including four felony counts of robbery, five felony counts of official misconduct and one felony count of theft

  • A Cook County, Illinois police officer was involved with a $20 million tobacco sting. The two-year operation involved a dozen suspects for reportedly paying a total of more than $20 million to buy 100 million cigarettes without paying state or local taxes

  • The city of Spokane, Washington will pay $1.67 million to the family of Otto Zehm, who was beaten to death at the hands of police in 2006

  • Former Philadelphia, Pennsylvania city cop was sentenced to jail for assaulting a U-Haul manager and lying to make it look like he was the one assaulted. The ex-cop was sentenced to jail instead of probation because the judge felt he lacked remorse for the serious offenses for which he had been convicted

  • A Chesterfield, Virginia sheriff’s deputy has been charged with stealing $300 from an inmate as he was being booked into the Chesterfield County jail. The seven-year veteran was terminated after the sheriff’s department investigators confronted him and confirmed the theft

  • Former Hopewell, Virginia police officer was convicted of sexually abusing three women he had been investigating for drunken driving or shoplifting offenses. The officer used his position and authority as cop to elicit sex, or attempt to elicit sex, from three women in their 20s and 30s

  • Former Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania police chief has been demoted and is being suspended for a domestic dispute in which he faces criminal charges. Those charges include: simple assault on a police officer; obstructing administration of the law or other governmental function; hindering apprehension or prosecution; and harassment

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin Police Department arrests detective, terminates 2 officers, and suspends 2 officers. Chief Flynn said he is confident in the department’s swift action in this situation, along with other recent incidents, should give the public faith in his department

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