Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If you can’t trust your government . . . who can you trust?

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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Like most of us, I mourn for the victims of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Life is a divine gift with the intention that the recipient enjoy it until natural death. I am greatly saddened by the thought that those killed last Friday morning had yet to fulfill the hopes, dreams, and expectations that are the substance of lives not yet fully lived.

This incident, along with so many others that preceded it, portends the demise of our nation, and I mourn for her as well.

Within hours of the tragedy, Internet articles and opinion pieces began circulating, suggesting government involvement with equipping and training this diabolical murderer as well as helping to plan his deadly attack. These claims insinuate that the government, in partnership with the biased national media, needed a tragic shooting incident that would create a public outcry against gun ownership in anticipation of Senate consideration of the UN Small Arms Treaty.

There has been much speculation as inconsistencies surfaced, such as the educational achievements of the shooter, the cost of the equipment and knowledge of its use, his calm surrender and warning to the police that his apartment was booby-trapped, and similarities to previous government stings in which would-be terrorists were captured before the raid could be carried out.None of us yet know whether the shooter will be proven to be an insane psychopath acting alone or part of a government conspiracy to promote the anti-gun agenda. Personally, I refuse to join in the speculation game.

It is, however, incredible to me that a significant number of Americans are willing to believe without hesitation that the federal government could be complicit in the murder of its citizens to promote a political agenda.

At what point did we first begin to doubt, then to impugn, the honesty and integrity of a government whose number one objective is to protect its citizenry? Perhaps one answer to this question comes with the realization that our government’s operating principle has become “The Ends Justify the Means”.

Departing so far from its constitutional and moral foundation, Washington (as well as many state and local governments) makes decisions based on political expediency, lust for power and personal gain. We are now suspicious of nearly every governmental decision and action, and any lapse in morality, even if totally inconceivable, has become conceivable.

How long can a representative republic survive when its government and its leaders have lost all credibility with the governed?

The foundation of America is a centuries-old moral code that pledges a respect for law and righteousness and denounces deceit and hypocrisy. As a nation, we have ignored the warnings of history by believing that we are somehow immune from the reality of its lessons.

The real question is how long can a rogue government that rejects the rule of law with impunity and ignores the Constitution survive the disdain and distrust of its citizens?


  1. Brock,

    Anyone who has paid attention to Fast and Furious - certainly only one of the more recent episodes of government manipulation of the lives, and deaths, of American citizens as well as over 300 dead innocent (non-cartel) Mexican citizens - knows what our government is capable of doing. Knowing that they can do that, knowing they can be responsible for the deaths of almost 80 men, women, and CHILDREN in a church in Waco, Texas, how can we escape the thought that the government might also be responsible for this tragedy? It is small potatoes compared to things we know for a fact that they have done to advance their agenda.

    Unfortunately, as we saw with Waco, even the most horrible, egregiously illegal and immoral behavior by our government slips past the "bread and circuses", "Dances with the Stars" mentality of what appears to be a majority of Americans. We who pay attention to such things are in the minority.

    Unless we are able to awaken enough people to what is going on, to the terrifying depth of corruption and treason being perpetrated by our own government, America will continue on this death spiral into either complete tyranny or total destruction, or both.

    If enough of us who value liberty survive the die-off, perhaps liberty will be able to Rise From The Ashes (if I may abuse the title of an old William Johnstone cheap novel about the end of our dream of a Constitutional Republic). Otherwise, it will be a cold, dark, century before the new Dark Ages come to an end, if ever.

  2. That is just perfect, Reg and posted.

  3. won't be long, now...

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