Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reporting Colorado-style shooting unlikely in Philippines belies brutal reality

Today's Gun Rights Examiner report provides another exhibit in the self-inflicted indictment against mainstream reporting of the Colorado shooting.

“Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesman, Chief Superintendent Generoso Cerbo Jr., said the Philippines has stringent measures regulating the sale of firearms,” the story reports. “He added that it is unusual in Filipino culture to engage in such violent activity.”

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  1. Brock, a little off topic but thought you'd get a grin out of it. I live about 25 miles from Camp Perry and right now they're having the big bore National matches. Every year at this time I visit "Commercial Row" there. Commercial Row is where the big arms manufacturers come to show and sell their latest arms and gear. Folks like Springfield Armory, ArmaLite, Rock River Arms and others but this year was different. The only dealer there was ArmaLite and the place was essentially deserted. I asked a salesman at ArmaLite where everyone was and he said that they had all been recalled to their plants because of a huge upsurge in gun orders. They're all supposed to return in a week or two. To me this is good news but I did buy 2 tee shirts. Just a little news from Ohio the "Dump" state.

  2. Very interesting and thanks. To think that this has been going non-stop since 2008!:)