Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pharaoh's Army

Oleg: This is, in my opinion, the best Civil War film.

Need to check it out.

Pharaoh's Army Poster

During the American Civil War, a Union Army captain leads his rag-tag cavalry troop up a misty creek to a remote farm to steal enemy (Confederate) livestock. The farm is wroked by Sarah Anders, whose husband is away fighting for the Confederate Army. Far from the great armies and battlefields, a very private civil war erupts. The Captain and Sarah are pulled apart by the war's undertow into choices they can not fully control or understand. Each character in this drama must decide whether loyalty will be paid in blood.

This story has a relevance to current partisan conflicts. Armies are not filled with murdering psychopaths. Good people can be driven to do bad things. The story chronicles the pathology of war, how escalating events can trigger unasked-for tragedy. Based on a true story about a southern child who shot and killed a union soldier during the Civil War.

Pharaoh's Army Full Movie

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