Saturday, August 25, 2012

Defense: Obstacles Part XI: Breaking Contact And Evading

Things are finally settling down and I’ve recovered enough from the hard drive crash (backups – a real necessity) that I can drive on with the blog. Up to this point we’ve covered numerous types of obstacles and creative ways to delay a threat headed your way. Before we actually look at the ground we’ve got one more thing to do and that’s develop an escape/bug plan out aka Escape and Evasion (E&E) plan. For our purposes I’ll also call it a Break contact and Evade plan (B&E). One thing I’ve harped on throughout the entire series is that any obstacle that slows them down or keeps them out is going to have the same effect on you getting out. There’s a basic truth in defense planning: No matter how well planned, how well constructed, how well defended there’s always a possibility of being attacked by such a superior force that your position will no longer be tenable. Given that truth it’s pretty imperative you develop your B&E/E&E plan prior to planning and executing obstacles. By developing that plan ahead of everything else you can also leverage some of your obstacles to help facilitate your B&E/E&E.

When would you execute an B&E/E&E plan? IMHO there are two instances it comes into play.

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