Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rural property with underground lake

Commander Zero

A year-round 58-degree temperature would be a nice way to beat that Tennessee heat. I’m sure some sort of heat exchange system could be built to regulate the temperature of a house built nearby. But, man, think of the awesome fish farming opportunity…several acres of what is essentially an indoor lake. Obviously a man-made cave…but still….

This is an unbelievable tract. I have never listed a tract this neat with so many possibilities. It has a large creek on the front of the property that runs year round. Just past the creek there is a huge lake that runs almost the length of the property. It is beautiful and great for Bass and Catfish. Next to that, there is a very small pond that has tons of Tadpoles that turn into big frogs, but the neatest thing about this property is the CAVE. It is HUGE.

When you step out of your car, at the road, on a 95 degree day, you can feel the 58 degree air hit you. As you walk into the front hole the ceiling is about 25 to 35 feet high (as it is throughout the whole cave) and goes back to the back, I'm told, an 1/8th of a mile. It has some land inside the cave but is mostly a indoor Lake. It goes from 30 feet deep in some places to up to two feet. I have ridden in a canoe back to the back and it is pitch black. I am guessing that there is 5 acres underground in this cave. At this time there are Bass and Bluegill in the Cave, but I have ordered 500 Rainbow Trout.

Can you imagine the revenue brought in by making this a pay lake. The temperature is the same, YEAR-ROUND, no matter what it is doing outside, it is a constant 58-60 degrees. What about renting boats and fishing. Renting out to Cub scouts, church and school events. The possibilities of making money are endless. You could camp inside the cave during a Rainstorm, blistering heat, or even a Tornado and not be affected. I have seen no bats, the cave is very clean and the water is crystal clear other than right in the front where the sun shines in and makes some algae. Don't miss out on this tract.

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