Saturday, September 15, 2012

More sniper ammunition being ordered by DHS. Who are the targets?

Via Don

.308 175 grain hollow point boat tail

Surprise! The DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement have requested more ammunition.

However, it is the type of ammunition and not necessarily the quantity that is troubling.

First on the agenda is the .223 rifle ammunition. Just a measly 40 million rounds in the first year, and another 160 million rounds in the following four years. 200,00 million rounds in total. You know, just enough to make you cringe thinking that some government office that is not military has more ammunition than you do.

The .223 caliber round is a decent hunting round, but that is not the rounds to be concerned about.

The .308 rounds should have you a bit concerned. Quite a bit concerned.

Why the .308? Because the same folks at DHS think they need two types of .308 caliber rounds. Blank ammunition and 168 grain hollow point boat tail ammunition.

The blank ammunition will be spread to five different locations in the American south east and in Puerto Rico. The regular ammunition will be spread all over the US in a variety of places.

Blank ammunition? Why blank ammunition?

Well, as it turns out blank ammunition is fantastic for putting on a show. Blank ammunition is used in theatrics (hmmm?) but also is used to help teach new shooters to develop trigger and breathing control.

Nevertheless, have no fear; DHS only needs 25,000 rounds to develop good sniper skills.

Because, they have also ordered 176,000 rounds of the .308 caliber hollow point boat tail (HPBT) rounds.

Boat tail ammunition is incredibly accurate ammunition. From the legal opinion from the US Navy JAG in support of using hollow point ammunition:

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  1. Reckon Nappy will offer Lon his old job back ? ,I'm sure that hard working trigger finger is well rested by now.

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    2. I heard he was in protection which certainly makes sense.

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