Saturday, September 15, 2012

She moved through the Fair

This is a tragic piece about lost love. This song was written in 1909 although the original pre-dates this. But a song collector and publisher named Herbert Hughes heard the melody while in County Donegal and approached the song writer Padric Colum with the last two lines of the song and asked him to write a version.


  1. My wife will love this. Our favorite movie to watch together for the last ten years has been Songcatcher. If you love NC, you'll love Songcatcher.

  2. Sinéad in her youth was a beauty alright, with a great voice.

    But as she got older and, I suppose, more well known she flipped out and now has turned into a real weirdo character.

    She was pretty sexually active with both sexes and did a range of drugs.

    Too bad, that's what fame often does.

    PS: This is a great song. Another nice Irish song is sung by our own Allison Krauss: