Saturday, September 15, 2012

Once Upon a Time I Feared No Evil…

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Red State Virginia

I served 22 years in the United States Army through some of the most dangerous times in our lifetime.

I not only went everywhere they told me to go, I volunteered to go where others did not want to go for fear of injury or death.

I did this for love of my country and the defense of freedom for my countrymen.

In my entire career I never feared death because I was a U.S. Soldier and a member of the best trained and equipped military force in the world.

There was one thing I did fear however, and that is that my life would be wasted by a politician.

That I might be sent to some remote piece of ground to die for a political talking point, or worse yet that I might be hamstrung by orders that would not even allow me to defend myself in the face of an attack.

The fear that my children would be fatherless and my wife a widow for a political maneuver. It comes with the turf when you serve your country, but it is always in the back of your mind.

That has happened in Libya and two brave SEALS, a U.S. Ambassador, and another whose name and identity I have not yet heard have not only died, but were murdered in a most disgraceful manner.

And for what?

The failed “Foreign Policy” of Barack Hussein Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It has been disclosed that the brave individuals that died were not even afforded the luxury of ammo with which to defend themselves and our country’s sovereign ground. Perhaps the State Department feared that some of the murderers might be injured unnecessarily?

The events that are unfolding in far-flung reaches of the Islamic world were absolutely foreseeable, and measures have not been taken to defend our sovereignty and protect our personnel that trusted our government to have their back.

Instead, our “Leaders” apologized to the killers.

And our President?

He continues to campaign for re-election as the world burns down around us.

I am appalled, disgusted, and deeply saddened.


  1. I am glad I have lived until now to read your post. You are obviously the man I would give my total support to for President. I watched the tube all night last night. Even Wolf Blitzer was not apologizing. Only on O'Reilly did I hear Geraldo making his case for continuing aid to Egypt and Libya. And Gen. Wesley Clark, whom I had come to have a better opinion of since back when he became the Clinton's lap dog, was adamant that any decrease in aid to those countries is not in our best interests.

    The tour of the wrecked Libyan embassy house by a CNN reporter vividly showed that we are, pardon the Vietnam allusion, Back in Saigon.

    My only reason for living is to protect my wife and home. Libya was responsible for protecting our ambassador there, just as my government is responsible for protecting us at home. The store is not being minded, either at home, or abroad. As I was taught in NC, each tub must now stand on its own bottom. Rather than the socialist cry, "To the barricades" I am saying to my children, "To the bunkers."

  2. Oops. I've been up all night. Well, the attributes of the writer, one Cameron Jones, are also well displayed by Brock Townsend. Let them stand together for office and I will be in Virginia or NC to support them in the few years I have left. If something doesn't change, I may have more years left than the Republic.
    Virgil Goode
    Ron Paul

  3. If something doesn't change, I may have more years left than the Republic.

    Indeed, although there wasn't much left after '65.:)

  4. The guys I drank with would have said, "Republic? You got mice in your pocket?"
    Yeah I got Ron Paul in there.