Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Florida Union: 'Vote Early, Vote Often'

Richard Trumka speaks to an AFL-CIO gathering in 2009.

The Florida chapter of the AFL-CIO appears to be encouraging folks to break the law. In a message on the homepage of their website, the union writes, "There is a mantra that we --at the Florida AFL-CIO-- like to live by, 'Vote Early, Vote Often'."

The mantra of the Florida AFL-CIO encourages illegal activity.
There appears to be two federal laws this would violate:  42 USC 1973i(e) and 42 USC § 1973gg–10(2). "The former federal law makes it illegal to vote twice. The latter law prohibits fraudulent voting in a federal election. 18 USC 2 makes it illegal to aid and abet election fraud," J. Christian Adams has previously noted.

"On October 27th, we get to put it into practice, when the United Association of Plumbers and Allied Trades (UA) will host Early Voting Rallies across Florida," reads the rest of the message on the homepage. "These rallies will not only be a chance to get you fired up, but it will also be an opportunity to get you to the polls before November 6th. The UA will have buses and shuttles ready at each location to take you to an early voting location and help move our country forward by participating in the democratic process. Bring your friends, coworkers, neighbors…or really anyone that you can think of that wants to make sure to get to the polls and beat the crowds on Election Day. It is up to all of us to secure Florida’s future. The UA is stepping up, and now it is up to us to fill the buses and get the votes we need to win. They will be providing refreshments and food; so they want to make sure they have enough to provide for everyone. Click here to RSVP for a Early Vote Rally and Ride event near you!"

Here's a screen shot:

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