Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney doubles down on "Assault weapons"

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Holy crap.

First, if you were looking for some sort of rousing surprise, you got one.  But not where you might have been looking for it.

Romney tattooed Obama with his record, which was his strongest point of attack and a perfectly-valid one.  Obama failed to lead, but he had little to lead with given the 4 years of history.  The dissembling coming from Obama on the Libya attacks, in particular, were outrageous lies.  But Romney told his share of whoppers as well in that he had no point of defense when it came to offshoring jobs and his record of doing it himself.

Both of these clowns got an "F-" from me on the college education questions; both were full-throated in defense of more and more debt ladled up on our youth.  Putting a thousand new financial******vans on the streets of America to screw our youth with is not my idea of a plan for higher education, but it is what both Mitt and Barack offered up tonight.  If you're anywhere from 15 to 25 and wanted a reason to riot you got one this evening no matter who wins in November.

Neither had a thing to say about actually taking care of the deficit and budget but that shouldn't surprise, and the moderator was braindead as well.  One well-placed interjection about 10% of the economy being deficit spending and if you stop GDP contracts by that same 10% would have led to some very awkward moments in that room, but neither candidate would go there and the moderator didn't either, being in the tank with both the banksters and Obama.

That sucked.

The back-and-forth was mostly a good excuse to get drunk -- right up until near the end.  But then Romney did himself some serious damage, and it was self-inflicted.  The issue turned to guns and Obama, as a Democrat, actually came off as more-moderate than Romney did on the 2nd Amendment!

Mitt got hit square in the face with his Massachusetts record as governor; he was reminded that as Governor he said:


  1. We have a choice, neither one of them

  2. Ron Paul 2008 & 2012, screw the rest.