Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Putin quote

Via Ryan

"Our Western friends seem to think that war is the key to saving their economy. When their constant thirst for war is what is partially wrong with their economy, the other part is they have outsourced almost their entire economy and industry out to foreign powers. They wish to sit like a Queen and rule the world and desire to live up on a pedestal from reality, Russia does not bow down and kiss the feet of anyone or country and certainly not to a country that sits knee deep in blood of children from Countries that can not defend themselves. So to answer your question, No Russia does not want to be like America, we are going to be like Russia." 
Vladimir Putin


  1. ...and there you have it. Remember, when people tell you who they are...believe them.

    Consider us warned.

    Good morning Brock!!!:)
    BTW, perhaps, my daughter's blog is too mature for Miss Dixie, your call of course. I don't read it often as makeup and haute couture are not my thing. :)

  2. Good morning to you and give me the link please, so I can check it out.

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    1. She'll be interested in the Clean Your Makeup Brushes Easily.:)


  4. That comment is rich coming from Putin, the leader of a nation hip deep in the blood of it's own people, let alone the blood of it's neighbors. Look at the last 200 years of your own history, Vlad, just for starters, and then shut your mouth.