Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to get out of jury duty

Via hefferman1


Just go in to court with a shirt that says "Kill them all, Let God sort them out", and mumbling to yourself. 

They let my friend go the very first day, and he has never been called back.


  1. I showed up for jury duty wearing motorcycle club colors....the state troopers escorted me out of the courtroom. I have not been invited back since. This was in Lexington SC.

  2. I for one would welcome a shot at jury duty. It is one of the last opportunities to throw a money wrench into the system. A thinking, reasoning, educated and awakened individual can vote as they see fit; judge and the law BE DAMNED. I hope if I am ever caught up in the INjustice machinery, I have a jury populated with thinkers instead of mindless bots.

  3. They never keep me either. The way they screen possible jurers is a scam, talk about loaded dice.

  4. My brother's favorite saying. Now I know where it came from. He is donating a jacket he had made over there to the museum at Ft. sill. I sent this to him.