Monday, November 19, 2012

Chart of the Week: Cut Spending to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff


The Heritage Foundation has updated its Saving the American Dream plan as the nation moves inexorably towards the fiscal cliff set to hit at the beginning of 2013.
From Amy Payne’s Morning Bell:
To meet this challenge, Heritage Foundation experts updated our Saving the American Dream plan to address the fiscal cliff and then rein in spending. Our plan features a sweeping pro-growth tax reform plan to grow the economy and generate more revenues and a broad restructuring of entitlement programs to provide real economic security to seniors while making the programs affordable.
The plan balances the federal budget within 10 years—without raising taxes—and stabilizes and then reduces the debt. The Heritage plan focuses government assistance to those who truly need it, with a guarantee that no American would have to live in poverty. It would also begin to reduce government back to its constitutionally authorized powers and make defense funding a core priority.
 More @ Heritage


  1. In all fairness, though, aren't those other four groups "progressive" groups? Can't really expect them to try too hard.

    1. Gotta' spend as much as possible so we'll get to world Communism sooner!

    2. The Worker's Utopia ain't free, comrade.

    3. But it's all for the good of the Polar bears and the trees, doncha' know.......?:)

    4. Thanks for correcting me.........:)