Monday, November 19, 2012



The Secession Petitions have gotten FAR MORE ATTENTION than most thought would happen. This represents a HUGE SUCCESS for an action that was not a legal based suit in the Supreme Court, the World Court on in State courts, and all it cost was the use of our Internet service and a little time for us. All that needed to happen was for a new pathway to be used to "capture the public's imagination." 

Now that we have their attention, and we clearly do, we need to maintain focus and direct their attention in educational and new ways to think about and approach secession, separation and independence that we have not used in the past. Maintaining Confederate cemeteries and memorials, and the wonderful historical displays by our Battle Reenactments, Living History programs and First Person Presenters, usually at OUR OWN EXPENSE, have been important and now take on a new level of  importance for the future, but that work cannot accomplish what new needs to be done to regain our independence and civil sovereignty though they do take on more importance in this process. There is not JUST ONE THING for us to do or file with the courts that will achieve our goals. There are many.

I heard someone say, "Ah, President Obama is not going to set you free. (Ironic language isn't it?)" For now it does not matter if he NEVER mentions the petitions. Things are changing and it is not the change he campaigned, advertized and planned for.

Far more people in all regions of the USA and Europe are taking the possibility of States separation from the Leviathan we call the USA far more seriously. Federal workers have received a notice that they should be storing up food and whatever else they need like medicines , etc. for the possibility of Civil War or Revolution.

This "WARNING!!!" did not come from American Dissidents, the Separatists or the League of the South Secessionists about those who are now talking Revolution and Civil War, BUT it is the U.S. President Obama. This is very important and very serious and could be a precursor for False Flag Operations to discredit the opposition to continued union with the Federal Government of the USA. We must should not ignore this Official Alert our family members received who work for the Federal Government, and we must be prepared with reactions that could expose the fraud of a Blag Flag Operations QUICKLY since the exercise of the Special Presidential Powers has already been used radically more often than they had been under all other USA Presidents, while our elected "representatives" who represent no one but the fascists, sit dutifully mute and fain ignorance or anger while the memories of freedom and liberty draw their last breath.

Remember that in the heart and the hand of EVERY socialist Democrat planner is a communist revolutionary who shoots real bullets, and American Marxist revolutionaries are no different. Third world politics are not just knocking on the doors of the U.S. Congress. Third world revolutionaries ARE IN THE SEATS AND HALLS OF CONGRESS and freely walking the halls of the U.S. White House. This is not hysteria. We cannot afford to ignore the history of socialist and communist revolutionaries. The prolific amount of voter fraud is a Marxist tactic and must not be ignored, and it needs to be understood for what it is, a Communist Revolutionary Tactic. A country boy friend of mine said "And pissing and moaning ain't gonna fix this." He is right. "Whining" is not going to fix anything.

Everywhere I go the tone of conversation about separation from the USA has vastly changed to favorable views over what it was a year ago. The only negative I am hearing is from Southerners who say that "It can't happen. Don't you remember what happened 150 years ago?" That is enough for even me to say to Southerners what northerners have said to Southerners for over 150 years,  "Get over it. That was 150 years ago."

There are other free avenues that we can also use to create a readiness for separation while we raise the funds for establishing a judicial, business and social route to independence. American "Separatist" and American "Dissidents" are no longer afraid to speak louder than a whisper and to speak out often, but there just may be a price to pay. Independence costs. It does not just drop in your lap. Dr. Michael Hill, Dr. Clyde N. Wilson, Dr. Donald Livingston and a host of others in the League of the South have made great personal sacrifices in this direction and have been working faithfully in this direction for years. Attend the League of the South meetings and make meaningful donations to support this important effort.

It sickens me when I hear folks whine about paying dues in some Southern organization promoting independence while they assert separatist and secessionist views. The League of the South needed and needs a business office with a full-time paid staff in every State NOW. Pseudo patriots chant "Freedom is not free" as they honor those in the USA military who invade and occupy foreign nations in the behalf of bankers and American business and industrialists. How about lets pay-up the anti and support secessionist activities and bring freedom and independence home to our own States!!! OTHERWISE, we will be either "DEAD" or "RED (meaning Communist)" as my generation used to say. We are a deep pink already . . .


  1. I wish the League of the South would put more effort into raising its public profile. The people I met at the conference were very knowledgeable of history and current events. I think they would be a good organization for other groups to coalesce around. We need a core group to hold all us individuals together.

    1. The people I met at the conference were very knowledgeable of history and current events. I think they would be a good organization for other groups to coalesce around. We need a core group to hold all us individuals together.

      Excellent point and I agree wholeheartedly.

    2. My only quibble is that they seem more like scholars than trench warfare fighters. Their political enemy doesn't give a rat's ass about history and, in fact, rewrites it when convenient. I wish they were more interested in community outreach rather than letter writing, I think they would get a lot of new members.

    3. Their political enemy doesn't give a rat's ass about history and, in fact, rewrites it when convenient.

      Yes and most unfortunately. It's hard to deal with liars.

    4. Take 'em head on. The lies need to be exposed. The problem is the liars control the mass media and the major sites online.

    5. I'm still having a hard time realizing that our schools and press have been taken over by Marxists. Just unbelievable.

  2. They're collectivists. Ants who work for the colony, only this colony is a political ideal. They've been slowly taking over since the immigrant wave from Germany in the first half of the 19th century. They don't have that liberty gene that makes people want to be independent.

    Despite what they say, they seem happiest in a society with classes. They defer to authority more readily than they seek it, and certainly more readily than they exercise free thought.

    Schools are their natural habitat. Schools tell students what to think and exercise considerable control over their lives.

    They gravitate to the media because it gives them an outlet to pay homage to authority. They're worms.

    I'm surprised the military isn't full of them!

    1. I'm surprised the military isn't full of them!

      They are certainly there, but a rising minority at this time, I believe.

    2. The military IS full of them....full of collectivists, statists and progressives. These military folks who support the collectivist ideal are especially numerous in the commissioned ranks where ROTC commissioned officers received four years of "education" at some liberal college by the many marxist professors who teach there.

      Lets see...John Kerry, John McCain, Lyndsey Graham, Allen West, even Harry Truman....all former US military officers who as federal politicians thumbed their noses at their oath to defend the US Constitution, many, many, many times.

      The wearing of the US military uniform is not indicative of loyal dedication to the content and intent of the US Constitution. Rather it is a paycheck. Raising one's right hand and swearing to defend the Constitution against "all enemies foreign and domestic" is just something one has to do upon entry into the US Armed Forces. It means NOTHING. Nothing.

      DAN III

    3. It meant something to me, but that was back in the dark ages.:)

  3. While I agree and support the idea of session before we take that step we have a lot of preparation to be done first. We will not just succeed one day and life will go on as normal. The day we succeed, we need to be ready to place a completely new government in charge. That includes everything from coining currency, establishing a military to adopting a new constitution along with a million other details. We need to be working on that groundwork locally first. Put in place local officials that support session especially police. This can work! People just need to prepare for the changes.


    1. That would be all well and good, but I am not concerned so much as we've done it before and at any rate it's not going to happen peacefully. There will at least have to be a collapse of the government in part which will of course bring violence from the FSA and gangs. The Confederate postal service actually made a profit.:)

  4. Some of us in the miltary it's more than a "paycheck" I do this so others don't have to. I took an oath and I will support and defend the Constitution of the US against enemies both foreign AND domestic. I don't know if you ever served or not... but... you speak negatively of us. I signed up to fight FOR freedom. Do I like what's going on? No I do not. But, just because someone wears a uniform doesn't make us part of the problem.

    Proud Patriot
    Proud Oath Keeper

    1. I will support and defend the Constitution of the US against enemies both foreign AND domestic.

      I'm afraid at least 50% of the military will go against you, if and when it comes to the latter.
      I don't know if you ever served or not

      Yes and one reason I am so pissed off. See below.

      "And Now, After Sending Our Best Young Men To Die On distant battlefields fighting Communism, we may simply vote a Marxist into our highest office."
      23 July 2008
      10/'67 - 5/'69 USARV, 6/'69 - 09/'71 OICC/RVN+, 06/'73 - 25/04/'75 DAO, US Embassy RVN

  5. Put Virginia back in that pic! We voted Romney! Virginia is NOT a blue state. I don't care what the media says!