Monday, November 19, 2012

Lindsey Graham: White House Neglected Ambassador's Security, Manipulated Facts of Death

Manipulated Lied


Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday accused the White House of purposefully manipulating the “political narrative” of the terrorist attack in Benghazi to make President Obama look good two months before the election.

Graham, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” said U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice, the official who first addressed the issue publicly, had no business speaking about it but was chosen because Rice was “politically compliant.”

“Why would you choose someone who had nothing to do with Benghazi to tell us about Benghazi?” he asked. “That’s kind of odd. She was the most politically compliant person they could find. I don’t know what she knew, but I know that the story she told was misleading.”

Graham said he believes the administration would — and did — mislead Americans on the issue of national security “to prevent him [Obama] from looking bad.”

“I think it’s very odd that the storyline they chose omitted al-Qaida, which would help the president enormously, and I don’t buy it,” he said. “And I don’t but the intel community did a great job. I like [House Intelligence Committee Chairman] Mike Rogers and [California Sen.] Dianne Feinstein, but to say the intelligence community did a good job — what about the months before this attack?”

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  1. Why don't they ever just say lie.

  2. Oh well, if lisping Lindsey Grahamnesty said it then ..... Ha! .Careful Lindsey don`t want to talk yourself into a situation where you`ll have to tell them " I want a lawyer ! ".

    1. I think he's trying to move a little more towards conservatism with an eye on the next election. Hope he gets defeated.