Friday, December 21, 2012

An Appeal to Women and Minority Gun Owners


Hello Everyone,

I am a parent of four children ten years old and under. And even though I am a writer by trade, somehow I don't have any words to describe how the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school has made me feel. Most us are probably like that, especially parents. But at the same time, the media and the politicians are using those raw emotions to make this terrible tragedy about guns. This letter is entitled "An Appeal to Women and Minority Gun Owners" because guns are not solely the realm of white males. Women shooters have been the largest growing sector in the gun world for several years running now. Yet politically, it is women who are being manipulated the most in this crisis. Ethnic minority gun ownership, especially in our inner cities, is what our success in the 2nd Amendment fight has been about for over ten years, and the media and the politicians are trying to strip that success away. Raw emotions in America are being played right now, and you have the choice to play along or stand for what you really believe in. Congress is out for Christmas, and you can bet every politician on both sides of the aisle has his or her finger in the wind. We have one chance to change the direction it is blowing, and that chance is our Law Abiding Gun Owner petition.

 Please sign it.

If you are a woman and a gun owner, please have the courage to stand up in your Facebook circle and ask your friends to sign our Law Abiding Gun Owners petition. Likewise if you are a Black, Hispanic, Asian or other minority gun owner. We have come so close to liberating the inner cities from crime using the tool of law abiding gun ownership and all of that success is about to be stripped away. Hand wringing and crying "what can we do" isn't going increase safety in America. Law abiding gun ownership will increase safety. Every place that gun control has been loosened, face to face crime has gone down, and significantly. Every place that gun control has been strengthened, face to face crime has gone up. There is a very good book on this called More Guns Less Crime, by John Lott, and it available at Amazon and in electronic bookstores for your tablet.

Chicago alone has logged nearly 500 homicides this year, many of them children. If you click through to the article, look at the names and the ages. This is the city in America with the most gun control. Of course, if you look at the list, very few of the victims were white, and this is true of every major inner city in America. Rarely is there a mention of this in the mainstream media, yet the blood wasn't even dry in Connecticut before the anti-gun petition hit the website, and every single media outlet in America posted a link to it. Why doesn't the "race sensitive" mainstream media care about all those people in Chicago, and Detroit, and Philadelphia, and Washington DC, and Cleveland, and ...? I think you get the point.

We are being played by the media, and "the fix is in". Neither Fox News nor The Drudge Report have picked up our Law Abiding Gun Owner petition at as a story, and we currently have over 50,000 signatures, twice the threshold that requires President Obama to respond. The anti-gun petition has just under 200,000 signatures, so if you do the math, GunsAmerica, one website, has generated 1/4 as many signatures as the entire mainstream media who have all linked to the anti-gun petition. Law abiding gun owners in America number in the several tens of millions, and none of them have ever even thought to murder a child, yet we are for the most part silent. The result is that we are going to be most likely overrun by nonsensical gun laws when The US and state congresses come back into session.

Gun control itself, as we have noted many times in the past, was always founded in racism. If you balk at this concept, please read this heavily footnoted article by Clayton Cramer on the subject. Since the dawn of the firearm itself, those in power have attempted to keep guns from those with no power. The same is true of inner city minorities today. Cheap guns, in the hands of law abiding Americans in the inner cities will drastically reduce the face to face crime rate. That means murders, rapes, robberies, all the crimes that end up with a dead person on the ground. What have the politicians repeatedly attempted to stop? Cheap guns, and legal ownership of guns in the inner cities. You tell me if that sounds racist to you?

We were standing at the dawn of a new era of 2nd Amendment freedom two weeks ago. The Heller and McDonald decisions had many state legislatures on the run from restrictive gun control. Gun control was political taboo in the 2012 elections, and you couldn't turn on the television without finding a show that portrayed the safe enjoyment of firearms and personal security in a positive light. The anti-gunners and the anti-gun politicians have been wringing their hands at the prospect that law abiding gun ownership could become commonplace and mainstream. They need a permanent victim class to further their agenda, and this is located in the mostly in our inner cities, who were just on the verge of getting guns. Their hand wringing media cronies were waiting for a chance to turn the tide, and that is what they have done since the tragedy on December 14th at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Nobody can "put aside" raw emotion right now, and it would be stupid to ask. But I will ask how do you feel being played by the media that is clearly tapping into that emotion to push a pre-established agenda? Do you feel like you will be vilified on Facebook if you post a link to our Whitehouse petition? Most likely you will be, and there is nothing that GunsAmerica or anyone can do about that.

PLEASE AT LEAST SIGN THE PETITION YOURSELF. Ask yourself what is true, and what kind of America you want.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands who have clicked out from our prior emails and the website link to the petition and not signed it, please reconsider. Even if you are the most hardcore conservative, and you want nothing less than to give the Democrat political machine your email address, consider what is at stake. Every signature on the petition counts, and we need to break 100,000. At the end of the day, will it kill you to give the President of the United States a little bit of respect and ask for his help? He is just a man after all, and he probably want to make what is genuinely the right decision for the future of our country.

You are one of just over 700,000 people who subscribe to the GunsAmerica's Magazine & Blog. We try to give you all the best editorial in the gun and shooting world, and there are well over 100,000 of you out there who read almost everything we send. When it comes to this petition, the only pro-gun petition competing with the big anti-gun petition, we are alone out here it seems. Almost no popular bloggers and only a few Youtubers and Facebookers have picked up the petition and asked people to sign it. Heaven forbid we give The President of the United States a good reason to stand by us and get the gun nuts on his side for a change. That would upset the balance of politics, and who wants that, right?

Please forward this to your friends and ask them individually to sign the petition. It would be nice to see other than white male sounding names on it, and so far that is nearly all we have. Please remember, for those of you with friend circles who have vilified the NRA and other white male run gun entities, the Heller case originated in Washington DC. The McDonald case was Chicago. It wasn't legal gun ownership by white males that we all celebrated when we won those cases. The NRA, the 2nd Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, NSSF and all of the other 2nd Amendment organizations have been fighting for those without guns, those who have become permanent victims. These are the residents of our inner cities, and is mostly made up of ethnic minorities. It has long been said, "God created man, but Sam Colt made them equal." If you are not an equal, or you feel for those who are not equals, please sign our petition to President Barack Obama today.

Paul Helinski
Owner, GunsAmerica
Where America Buys and Sells Guns

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