Friday, December 21, 2012

How gun control laws have consequences for their authors


 What happens when some legislator votes for a gun control bill to make it into a law? Adding restriction on gun ownership makes violent crime more frequent. It makes defensive weapons more expensive. And it puts a few people in harm's way, often without any actions by them. A person doesn't have to know that some minor item in their home has become illegal by administrative fiat, but a SWAT team would no-knock the residence anyway, kill his pets and destroy his kids' hearing with flashbangs. What do you think will happen then?
Most people have friends and relatives. Not everyone is young enough to still be afraid of prison. Grandpa might lack the agility to hunt the SWAT team members involved, but would have no ethical problem with using his deer rifle on those he would hold responsible for the raid against his kids and grandkids. That would be everyone who voted for the enabling legislation, and the person who gave the go-ahead on the local level. Friends would regard everyone from the enforcement agency to the legislators as targets of opportunity. The chances of one of them finding an opportunity over the next few years would be considerable. Rifle, IED, an "accidental" vehicle strike or gasoline at every office entrance would do.Those who'd rather not risk going after hard targets could do in individual local gun control supporters many of whom helpfully advertise with bumper stickers.
Most people won't do this. But harm enough families and the small percent who would become numbers distinct from zero. Anyone perishing in the attempts becomes a center of a new epicenter of resistance. At the end, we have a civil war or - much more likely - certain people being handed over for the new Nuremberg trials. Obama administration proved its lack of loyalty to their own already. So think long and hard before voting for gun control - your political masters would set you up as the fall guy as soon as it becomes convenient. You won't rate Secret Service protection to blunt the full force of your compatriots' vented ire.

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