Monday, January 14, 2013

Breitbart poll results: 100% believe in the right to bear arms

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Last week, TheBlaze invited you to participate in an online survey about guns, gun ownership, and the current debate about limiting or changing what is allowed by the Second Amendment. Our readers delivered almost 5 million responses to the 106 questions in the survey.

Before we break down some of the significant facts from this poll, let’s remind you of the make-up of a typical Blaze reader (statistics culled from last year’s poll that generated over 3 million responses).
  • 100% believe in the right to bear arms
  • 85% are at least 35-years
  • 80% are homeowners
  • 78% have children
  • 76% are married
  • 73% served in the U.S. military or have an immediate family member serving
  • 71% of the respondents are male
  • 66% own dogs  (36% have cats)
  • 63% have more than one gun
  • 54% read more than 12 books a year
  • 52% have taken a firearms safety class
If you take all of that data into account, the typical Blaze reader is a married man, a reader, over 35, who has a house, kids, dogs, and at least one gun.  However, it should be noted that readership has expanded significantly since last year.

Last week, the typical Blaze reader (and many others) gave us some clarity on how they feel about the Second Amendment. We began our survey with 20 questions and then invited you to submit your own. In the end, we approved an additional 86 questions for a total of 106. Those questions triggered 4,876,394 responses.

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  1. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)January 14, 2013 at 2:59 PM

    Maybe those duffuses up for re-election should take a peek at that poll. I think that there are going to be many, many unemployed if they don't support the 2A.
    Americans are so damn tired of all the damn lies....

    1. That's what happened in '94 after they passed the first ban.

  2. Brock, I am gonna post something here but it may not be appropriate. You decide and use accordingly, but it concerns the favorable %.
    I posted this on Tim Manning's FB page.

    I just read this article and it started me to thinking.

    Seems the State of Wyoming is thinking similar to the State of South Carolina. SC wants to give jail time to the Feds or anyone supporting ObamaCare in the state. SC is actually practicing Nullification! Now Wyoming is thinking similar concerning the 2nd Amendment. Any Feds messing around the state of Wyoming concerning gun control can get up to 5 years jail time. Again this is state nullification at work.

    So, here is my thoughts for anyone who thinks them useful. Looks to me concerning the 2nd Amendment the Feds window of opportunity is about closed and congress will do nothing. However Obama could actually call an Executive Order, which I think would be great! At the same time, since time is on our side, and considering SC and WY are now considering nullification of Federal Law, looks to me people in general, specifically in the South and Red states should go on the offensive. Many state legislatures from ALL states should be contacted and start their procedures of nullification prempting any future gun control legislation.

    In the case of the 2nd Amendment and states passing premptive laws against Federal intrusion. State legislatures, especially Southern State legislatures are more likely to respond against such Marxist/liberal actions coming from DC, and that is because these states has a little more morality and human understanding than does the DC government.

    Driven by the fact that even many humanists and others besides Christians supports the 2nd Amendment for various reasons, it derives support across the spectrum. This would be one of the more easier tasks to take to the Federal Government in trying to off set their agendas. Drive a wedge between the states and DC gov. and this would be a good way to help accomplish that. For this purpose it would matter little the faith of others helping in our cause, as this would be strictly a one time affair.

    We know the elite wants this country divided and polarized. They are currently looking for another Fort Sumter in order to justify any reason to use force having heavy hands. I don't expect they would be anticipating this backlash from a 2nd Amendment standpoint, as they felt comfortable enuff to pull of a couple or few mass shooting in hopes of justifying a quick action and vote to enforce gun control. What I am saying is actually they will get the opposite result from what they had hoped for, and it will cost them. And this will only anger and force them to act faster because they know time is no longer on their side. The pendulum of the paradigm shift has reversed course.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

    1. Very well done. I could post this as is, as a separate piece or would you like it that way?

  3. It's yours. Do with it as you will.
    Same applies for anything you see that I write anywhere. Make any necessary changes as needed as long as the intent and spirit of any article remains the same.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  4. Here's a followup to the above posted elsewhere:

    The Federal politicians have put themselves above the law and God. Practically every last one of them has. Working through the Federal Government is a lost cause. All my writings have tried to point this out in various ways. In my other post in this thread I pointed out my thoughts in how we could oppose the Federal Gov concerning the 2nd Amendment. Yet it flies over the heads of everyone here. You’re comments gave me the impetus to add to my original comments in my other post.

    There will be NO satisfaction in dealing with the Federal Gov. ALL of them except a hand-full have sold out to the bankers and are lacking the nerve and guts to stand up for the people. Congress has BEEN a circus of tricks and biscuits to the people, and they profit at your expense. They will NEVER impeach Obama as I also stated for many reasons, and that is part of the tricks they play in order to keep their charade going, making you think they are gonna do something worthwhile. Yet they offer you biscuits in the form of diatribe and statements claiming they support this and will do that for you, all the while they profit handsomely.

    If you notice the congressman that threatened Obama with impeachment was a junior congressman, NOT a senior one. What does that tell’ya just to start?

    As I said, DC and the Federal Gov is a lost cause. Everyone get over it, pull back, regroup and try to defend your positions from a better standpoint. The next level of protection in setting up your defense is at your state level. Let your state governments oppose DC and the Federal Gov. Take your 2nd Amendment concerns to the state level and work with them TRYING as best you can to get your state legislatures to oppose the Federal Gov on the 2nd Amendment. Use Wyoming and South Carolina as examples of how to structure bills in your state legislatures opposing anything from DC and the Federal Gov. (Read my post above in order to grasp the bills under consideration in those two states.) In short your state legislatures can NULLIFY Federal Law by making it a state crime to pass any more anti-gun laws and the Federal Gov try and impose them on your state. That is any state that has laws on their books prohibiting any more Federal Laws from being imposed onto your state and people.

    This MUST be a group effort, many people calling their state legislatures, and it MUST be enacted soon. You MUST assert yourselves and be persistent! You have a much better chance dealing with your own people at the state level than with people at the Federal level, even if those Federal people represent your state. The reason is, ALL Federally elected politicians does not feel the same sense of state sovereignty and allegiance as do your own state legislatures. The Fed politicians are more isolated from their states, suffer from more lobbying and subject to bribing, are more independent minded concerning themselves and are actually taught through the Congressional Library to think in national interests and NOT in state interests. Your state legislatures are your next position of defense. USE IT!

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur