Monday, January 14, 2013

Patriot Groups To Burn Obama In Effigy On January 19, 2013


Burning an effigy is so 1776, right? Right. As the American colonists burned an effigy of King George III, so Americans of the 21st century will burn an effigy of Barack Obama this coming Saturday and just so no one can play the race card, they will be burning an effigy of Bill Clinton as well and that particular fire will be started by Miami’s “Michael the Black Man,” who has called for “good people Latin, Black and White to unite.”

So where did such a thing come from? Well it isn’t new. Recently burning an effigy of George W. Bush by a crowd of hundreds occurred in Montreal, Canada.

Pakistani’s have burned Barack Obama in effigy. Afghans have burned an effigy of Obama. Now Americans are set to do the same in protest to Obama’s attacks upon the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the American people.

But this is all about reliving the past, while looking to the future. For it was our forefathers who did the same to an effigy of King George iii for far less than what today’s politicians are doing to the American people.

John Attarian, writes an excellent analysis of the situation between today and the time of the Revolutionary War and I think presents a fair and accurate depiction of King George III, which is well worth your time to read. He writes:

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  1. Interesting historical idea, but really bad timing....